Introducing flowers. (viola)

viola ビオラ

viola ビオラ

viola (ビオラ)

Plant name: viola 植物名:ビオラ
Scientific name: Viola x wittrockiana  学名:Viola x wittrockiana
Japanese name: viola 和名:ビオラ
Family name: Violaceae 科名:スミレ科
Genus: Violet 属名:スミレ属
Origin: Europe 原産地:ヨーロッパ

The flower language is sincere.  ビオラの花言葉は『誠実』


Flower characteristics.

Violas are often used in horticulture and are sold for ornamental purposes. The distinction between a pansy and a pansy is rather vague, but in many cases, a flower diameter of 5 cm or more is a pansy and a flower diameter of 4 cm or less is a viola. Compared to pansies, the flowering period is a little shorter (the flowering is slower), but it is said to be stronger and easier to cultivate. Until around 1980, there were only a few varieties, but nowadays, many shades are produced, while many pansies and strong multi-flowered species are produced. Nowadays, pansies are gorgeous in appearance, and violas are cute, which is a fairly subjective division.


Viola is a spring annual plant that is very easy for beginners to grow because it has a very long flowering period and if properly cared for, it will bloom one after another. There are many varieties, such as yellow, which is close to the primary colors, bright orange, light blue to dark purple, red, white, and black. In addition to single colors, there are also multiple colors, and new varieties are created every year. The flower diameter of the viola is 2 to 3 cm for the small ring and 3 to 4 cm for the middle ring. It is characterized by being smaller than pansies. Recently, breeding has progressed, and there are also tiny ring-sized ones that are about the size of a little fingernail.


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