Narcissus flowers

Narcissus flowers

Narcissus 『flower language self-love』

Plant name: Narcissus 植物名: 水仙(スイセン)
Scientific name: Narcissus 学名: Narcissus
English name: Daffodil 英名: Daffodil
Japanese name: Secchuuka 和名: 雪中花
Family name: Amaryllidaceae 科名: ヒガンバナ科
Genus: Narcissus 属名: スイセン属
Origin: Mediterranean coast, North Africa 原産地: 地中海沿岸、北アフリカ


It is said that daffodils were in bloom around this time because the paintings of daffodils remain in the mural paintings of the ancient Greek era. The scientific name Narcissus comes from the name of a young boy named Narcissus in Greek mythology. According to Greek mythology, it is said that the young Narcissus fell in love with himself when he saw himself reflected in the pond, and turned into a daffodil flower as if he were looking into himself.

The Japanese name “suisen” is an on-yomi reading of the Chinese name “suisen”.

Many perennials bloom white and yellow flowers from winter to spring.

The place of origin is mainly the Mediterranean coastal region from Spain and Portugal to North Africa.


How to grow [Narcissus]

Narcissus is a bulbous plant that heralds spring when it blooms in early spring. It is a flower of the Amaryllidaceae, Narcissus genus. You can enjoy beautiful flowers even in the cold winter season. Narcissus flowers have a faint sweet scent.
In addition to white and yellow, colorful flowers such as pink, green, and orange bloom. There are tens of thousands of narcissus cultivars, and there are many varieties. Depending on the variety, there are species that bloom one flower from one stem, and there are species that bloom in tufts like Japanese daffodils.
Whether or not daffodils bloom depends on the amount of sunlight. Let’s manage it in a place exposed to sunlight.

Flower soil

Soil suitable for narcissus cultivation prefers well-drained and fertile soil. It can also be hydroponically grown. Potted plants tend to get stuffy and rot easily.
Narcissus has a weak stem, so it easily breaks when exposed to the wind. The more flowers are open, the easier it is to break. If you don’t want to fold it, make sure you have a sunny place with no wind all year long.
Be aware that too much fertilizer will cause the bulbs to rot.


The same bulbous plant as tulips and hyacinths. It is common to buy commercially available bulbs and plant them in flower beds or gardens.

You can leave it planted for several years. After more than 3 years, dig up the leaves and replant in the fall. The above-ground part withers in the summer, but there is no problem if you plant it as it is.
It’s resistant to the cold, so you don’t have to go through the winter.
The storage method is to keep it dry in a relatively cool shade.
The brown skin on the bulbs is effective as a preservative, so don’t remove it.
After that, put it in a windy net and store it in the shade. If mold grows, it cannot be used. Check back regularly.


Diseases and pests to watch out for

Narcissus is said to be prone to viral diseases. The roots of the bulbs and stems will start to rot, so remove the bulbs as soon as you find them.
The main cause of pests is aphids. Let’s work on the extermination and control of aphids.



Narcissus bulbs contain toxic components such as lycorine, galantamine, calcium oxalate, and more.
If you eat it, you will experience vomiting, diarrhea, and coma. Never eat it.
The shape is very similar to an onion, so be careful not to accidentally eat it. Narcissus poison also works on dogs and cats, so be careful around the soil.

Narcissus flowers

Narcissus flowers

Flower language

Narcissus 「self-love」「egotism」「unrequited love」

Daffodil  「regard」「unrequited love」「respect」


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