【Marguerite】Bride’s bouquet.



Margaret basics.

Plant name: Marguerite 植物名:マーガレット
Scientific name: Argyranthemum 学名:Argyranthemum
English name: Marguerite 英名:Marguerite
Japanese name: 和名:木春菊 (モクシュンギク)
Family name: Asteraceae 科名:キク科
Genus: Argyranthemum 属名:モクシュンギク属
Origin: Canary Islands 原産地:カナリア諸島


Features of Margaret.

Generally treated as margaret are cultivars of the original margaret, Argyranthemum fultessens, as well as cultivars that are a hybrid of Argyranthemum and related species.
Argyranthemum is a semi-cold-resistant shrub native to the Spanish Canary Islands. The flower shape is rich in variety such as single, clove, double, and pompon bloom. It is basically unscented, but some hybrids have a lavender-like scent.
The length varies depending on the variety, and some tall varieties exceed 1 m. Many flowers bloom densely in the deeply cut leaves. The lovely atmosphere of each flower is also popular as a cut flower.

Margaret can be used outdoors for winter if it is not exposed to frost, and you can enjoy flowers for a long time from autumn to spring. Because I am not good at high temperature and humidity, I take a rest from the flowers during the rainy season and the hot season in midsummer. (In cool areas, you can enjoy flowers even in the summer.)

Margaret can be grown either in the garden or in pots. If you can plant it in the ground and go through the summer well, the stock will grow year by year and many flowers will bloom.


As a flower material for a bride’s bouquet.



“True love” is one of Margaret’s flower words. It is also popular as a flower with a flower language that is perfect for weddings, and it is also used as a flower material for brides’ bouquets.